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One In Ten

Rock 'Ard, Rock 'Eavy, Rock One In Ten!

One In Ten - The Rock Band
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One in Ten are a superb rock band based in North Manchester whose energetic and constantly expanding set of over thirty feel-good rock covers, spanning from timeless classics to modern day anthems, electrifies audiences at every show!

Covering songs by great bands such as Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Green Day, Blink 182, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, LostProphets, The Darkness, System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine and many many more, One in Ten put on a show of 100% pure energy every time!

Check out the main OiT website and get stuck into the forums, leave a comment on the Shoutbox, have a look at the photo galley, or download some audio/video samples... and most importantly, if you haven't already, or even if you have, check out One in Ten's live show - the gig listings are always kept up to date!

Here's Where It All Began...

The roots of One in Ten go back to 1999 when Aaron Ashworth got a phone call off Dave Edgerton in reply to an ad he'd placed in Loot as "Guitarist seeks band...". Dave was in the process of forming a Guns'N'Roses tribute band with another guitarist & bassist. Unfortunately, as Axl Roses are few and far between, that project died and it was over almost as quickly as it began.

We Weren't For Giving Up...
A couple of months later, Dave gave Aaron another phone call saying that he had hooked up with bassist Gavin and keyboard player Dave Latham and was looking to form a 'middle of the road' pub covers band. Although this wasn't Aaron's musical preference, he jumped at the offer and began rehearsing with them whilst in search for a frontman. In response to our Loot ad, we found Nige seeking a band. Rehearsals progressed well, using a back room in The Church pub in Prestwich, on the condition that we bought a few beers. As time went on, Gavin was showing a lack of interest in the material we were playing and decided to call it a day. This caused a brief break in rehearsals as we sought a replacement.

Replacement Bass Player Required...
A flash of inspiration from Aaron brings in ex-Hydros bandmate "nice" Pete Clough to rekindle some fire from the past and complete a musically competent and versatile lineup that was to become known as "Fantastic Max". Rehearsals at studios near Middleton continued and we played our eagerly awaited first gig at Oscar's Wine Bar in Bolton.

Pete Moves On... Andy Moves In!
Several successful gigs later, with ongoing rehearsals in between, the shocking news broke that Pete had to quit the band to pursue his career up at Durham University. At this point, keen follower of the band (Aaron's best mate!) Andy Reynolds volunteers to step into Pete's shoes on bass, filling in until we found a replacement bass player... again!.

Max Comes To A Head
Fantastic Max played only one gig with Andy on bass, then along came Mick Cookson. For some reason, we spent lots of time rehearsing and very little gigging. In the meantime, Nigel had to take some time out to further his career and Fantastic Max tried out a few other singers to fill in. Our searches were fruitless, and the lack of gigs began to irritate Mick, who 12 months after joining us, decided to call it a day with the Max! For various reasons, Fantastic Max disbanded here and nothing else happened for about 12 months.

Is This The End...?
Andy, Aaron, Nige and Drummer Dave met up again at a party and the conversation led to the band. We mentioned that it would be cool to give it another shot - even if it were just to have a few jams for old times sake and blow the cobwebs off our amps, but this time we wanted to play music with balls and chunk! An ad went into loot (again) for a bass player (again!) and we had a few jams at the Ionian Studios in Bolton with a couple of bass players. Then, a few weeks later, just before we were about to chuck in the towel, along came Steve.

Found: The Missing Ingredient!
Aaron spotted his ad in Loot in October 2002, got in touch, and found out that he was into exactly the sort of music we were looking to play! Perfect! We auditioned Steve at the Truck Stop studios in Bolton and he was instantly in the band - great player, but more importantly, a perfect bandmate! From here on the band grew from strength to strength, emerging from the rehearsal studio as the fine tuned machine with a working name of Soild Gudz, now known as:


Awesome rock band, One in Ten